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16-Aug-2016 12:31

He mentions how you're about to learn the secrets, but the sales letter is full of bullet points that only tease the reader with benefits the "secrets" will give them.Putting the page numbers next to each point shows just how value-packed the book is.After that he was just about rehashing old material for a new program to make some more cash, coupled with increasingly lame marketing. Now, I think he had the chance to develop even after Mastery: He has good ideas, but he never really seems to get much further than C&F as being the only tool for dealing with the seduction game. Unfortunately Sexual Communications comes in his "riding on my laurels" phase. Fundamentally I am not sure that this stuff is a big deal to him (anymore) and I wonder if he even likes women that much.

He reminds you that when you're in a business where you must prospect, you better start enjoying it and you will go far. I've read countless numbers of books on building a business and selling. That being said there are many books that should be read but for a network marketer (like myself) this should be one that should be read over and over agian.

And I’ve often recommended some of the following books.