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This points to Solomon since he alone, after David, ruled both Judah and Israel.

But many believe that Solomon (who reigned about 961-922 B. The Hebrew of Ecclesiastes is quite unusual and sometimes almost obscure.

Gospel Authors: General Considerations The "anonymity" of the Gospels authors is something that many Skeptics claim.

Yet I have noted that in making this argument, critics never explain to us how their arguments would work if applied equally to secular ancient documents whose authenticity and authorship is never (or is no longer) questioned, but are every bit as "anonymous" in the same sense that the Gospels are.

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The book seems to fall into three major divisions: (1) chs.

It purports to have been composed by “the son of David, king in Jerusalem” (Eccl 1:1), i.e. Since it consists of a review of his lifelong search for truly valid goals in human existence, it was doubtless a product of his old age, c. Authorship and time of composition The Solomonic authorship of this book is regarded by most modern authorities as purely fictional, composed by some unknown later author upon the basis of the experiences and insights of the historic Solomon. These allegations of spuriousness (or fictional character) are not justified by the objective evidence. spelling at least by late 8th cent., judging by the Siloam Inscr.). Solomonic authorship is supposedly excluded by the non-royal viewpoint of the author.

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