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23-Dec-2016 16:49

Such funding is usually tied to specific projects that focus on economic and socially sustainable development.IFIs also provide technical and advisory assistance to their borrowers and conduct extensive research on development issues.These are funds received from the State as direct appropriations and institutional receipts, and are recorded in State-controlled budget codes.There are three broad categories of State budget codes: Contract and Grant Funds Contracts and grants are by definition, part of the Institutional Trust Funds category, and are administered by the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR).

Regulatory focus on enhanced transparency, reduced counterparty risk and expedited settlement times are placing challenging demands on existing infrastructure.Infrastructure Investment Trusts (Inv ITs) are mutual fund like institutions that enable investments into the infrastructure sector by pooling small sums of money from multitude of individual investors for directly investing in infrastructure so as to return a portion of the income (after deducting expenditures) to unit holders of Inv ITs, who pooled in the money.For these purposes, Infrastructure is as defined by Ministry of Finance vide its notification dated October 07, 2013 and would include any amendments/additions made thereof.Inv ITs can invest in infrastructure projects, either directly or through a special purpose vehicle (SPV).

In case of Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects, such investments can only be through SPV.In addition to these opportunities, in which multilateral financing is delivered to a national government for the implementation of a project or program, IFIs are increasingly lending directly to non-sovereign guaranteed (NSG) actors.