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18-Jan-2016 12:36

He spent two hours making a list of musicians who probably want nothing to do with him, with the help of people he would probably never speak to again. He’s incredibly rich and has done nothing to prove he’s anything other than a self-obsessed dimwit with a shiny T-zone.

But this week's live stream felt like an admission of fallibility.

At the time, he had reportedly not listened to it yet, and had no immediate plans to do so. This dynamic back-and-forth between host and commenter lasted for an hour and a half, and stopped only when someone off-camera reminded Shkreli he had a meeting to go to.

Instead, in the wake of the news, Shkreli hosted a You Tube live stream in which he asked fans to suggest the next musician who should make a million-dollar album just for him. On camera, Shkreli made a list of the suggestions in a spreadsheet and reacted to each one as he typed it. When the stream ended, with the camera still on, pointing at an empty blue swivel chair, I felt weird.

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People have been broadcasting their loneliness online for as long as the internet has existed.

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In a dramatic 2006 interview, King announced that the marriage fell apart because Bumpus was a cheater.… continue reading »

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