Pb 210 dating method

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Serendipitously, they chose to work in a deep basin off California, where an independent and robust age model had already been developed. (1971) extended the use of this technique to lacustrine deposits to reconstruct depositional histories of lake sediment, and maybe more importantly, contaminant inputs and burial.Thus, the powerful tool for dating recent (up to about one century old) sediment deposits was established and soon widely adopted.In the absence of historic geochemical baseline data for the Grants uranium region, environmental changes resulting from uranium mine-mill activities can be determined only by indirect methods.A methodology for determining the age of recent sediments in streams draining the region has been established based on combined geomorphic, stratigraphic, and radiometric dating techniques.The radial growth rate of the skeleton can be estimated by the gradual decrease in Pb-210 concentrations measured from the surface inwards.

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The analyses are processed with a Leco CHN628 elemental analyzer.CEN radiochronology laboratory also offers Pb-210 dating.