Updating old electrical outlets

07-Jul-2016 03:40

updating old electrical outlets-72

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While our sunroom mojo was still running on high from accomplishing our most daring painting task to date, I quickly followed up with two small electrical updates to the room.The first is seemingly minor, but to us makes a world of difference in making a room feel new: updating outlets.Maybe turn the power of before taking the cover plate of, definitely turn it off of you're pulling the receptacle out.

I bought a receptacle tester and tested the newer style outlets, which all tested as correct wiring.

I'm even more confused now that the receptacle tester said that they were correct. Are there ground wires in the box (you'll have to remove the cover plate, and possibly the receptacle to see)?

Is there a brass colored tab on the yoke where the mounting screw attaches the receptacle to the box (you'll have to remove the cover plate to see)?

If your house is newly purchased, before you paint or move in, plan on cutting numerous holes in the walls to make running the new cable easier.

If your house is lived-in, or you don't want to cause a major disturbance, the task will take much longer and your options will be limited.But in recent years, a number of companies have introduced products that help electrical components disappear even further.

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