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02-Sep-2016 16:03

The duo later began presenting and judging the popular BBC cooking series when it was revamped in 2005.But the Australian chef told how disagreements over their hopeful cooks’ dishes on the show have been known to continue away from the cameras.After 12 years judging the show together, the 51-year-old Australian chef told The Mirror: “It’s funny, we’ve never been friends. If we do go out for a drink, I’ll invariably be at one end of a big old table and he’ll be at the other.” John was best man at Gregg’s wedding to Anne-Marie Sterpini last year.

Like many things, the anticipation of the task was hardest part.

The couple met in 2009 via Twitter, the networking site where people leave short “tweets” about what they are doing, after Heidi cheekily dropped Gregg Wallace a line asking him what he thought about a magazine labelling him a “weird crush”.

With 85 of their closest family and friends gathering at the luxurious Coworth Park hotel in Ascot, Berkshire, for a day of fine dining, moving speeches and plenty of laughter, all the right ingredients were there for the perfect wedding.

They may have a matching passion for food, but the presenter told how the pair have had vicious arguments while filming and have never been to each other’s houses.

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John’s blunt comments came days after Gregg said on live television that they share a close emotional bond. “If we go away to somewhere like South Africa, we do things separately …

“He was defending his girlfriend’s honour because the man had made inappropriate advances. Anne-Marie was horrified and so was Gregg," they added.